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Hair Therapy Wrap

A message from the creator of the Hair Therapy Wrap:

My name is Michelle Reuven and I am the inventor of the Hair Therapy Wrap!

For many years I had very dry hair from doing perms back in the 1980's. I used to have to sit under the hairdryer at the salon or at home for 20 minutes and I hated it. And then, the fact that a hairdryer was used to dry and set the hair didn't make sense to me. So, I rarely did deep conditioning treatments. I am also a very active person so sitting just wasn't in my lifestyle.

In the late 1990's, while still having dry looking hair, I came across the hot and cold gel packs in the sporting goods store. The gel packs, when heated, would stay hot for up to 30 minutes. I thought to myself that this could be used in some sort of bonnet or cap to provide heat when doing a deep conditioning treatment and this would eleminate having to sit under the hairdryer or electric heat cap! And, the rest is history!

I also thought that this is going to save me a lot of money! No more yearly cost of doing deep conditioning treatments at the salon. On top of that, my hair looked healthy for the first time in many, many years!

It was finally soft and shiny and my waves had come back to life! I also noticed as I started to use hair dyes, that my hair became dull and dried out. Well, the Hair Therapy Wrap even made the color more vibrant up until my next color treatment!