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30 Oct 2013

Getting The Perfect Kids Curly Haircut

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Some 8 months ago my Mum decided to give me a DIY curly haircut. It was cute at first, very gamine in fact, but as it grew over the months it evolved into what can only be described as a curly MULLETT! So the time came for me to get my barnet fixed. Half-term was [...]

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22 Aug 2012

China Curl…

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So my latest stop whilst working and travelling around the globe was Asia. I thought after the months spent in this wonderful part of the world it was time to put pen to paper and write about my experience Living and Travelling in China with my Mixed Race Curly hair. HAIR TYPES: As you’re well [...]

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13 Apr 2012

Meet Kiki-Bianca… Weave Addict !

My Brazillian Remy

The story so far… my hair is in weave and has been for the past 2-3years (I am addicted!)   I do regularly wash my hair with the weave in, as I purchased Brazilian Remy hair from my hairdresser which is decent re-usuable human hair.       Growing up my hair was always well [...]

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29 Feb 2012

My Semi BC

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Ok, so I finally got my straggly dry baby hair ends chopped off! You’ve probably been following my fight with my old baby hair ends, which have caused me no end of problems with tangles and frizz. The photo show’s what I mean about my nasty ends – This is the worst they’ve ever been [...]

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18 Dec 2011

Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate

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Hair Loss

A couple of weeks ago I was listening to a program on Nappturalite Radio and  Brendita Garcia of Brendita Body Works was talking about maintaining a healthy scalp. It got me thinking… many of us only think ‘SCALP‘ when it starts shouting out “Hey!, what are you doing to me. Scratch me, I’m itchy, I’m [...]

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